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Staten Island Restaurant Doesn't See Anything Wrong With Serving a 'Roofie Colada'

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But after backlash, the Phunky Elephant has taken the dessert drink (which contains no actual Rohypnol) off the menu.


In one of the dumbest restaurant moves of late, a gastropub on Staten Island called the Phunky Elephant recently started serving a drink called a "Roofie Colada." As if a beverage made with coffee ice cream, doughnuts, Kahlua, vanilla vodka, caramel, chocolate syrup and whipped cream weren't offensive enough already. No actual Rohypnol was involved, but in terms of taste level, the move ranks up there with the fake ad campaign for Gestations, a bar for pregnant women.

Phunky Elephant diners took to social media, slamming the restaurant for the drink's name. The restaurant, which claims the name is a reference to a Family Guy episode, responded: "For the record, you know there aren't any date rape drugs in the dessert right?" But ultimately, the drink was removed from the menu, and won't be re-added, according to Facebook, "until it is appropriately renamed."

The Phunky Elephant Gastropub

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