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Bruno Pasticceria Bakery Is Leaving the Village After 41 Years and Moving Back to Staten Island

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It's been a rough week for bakeries in New York City.


It's been a tough week for two classic bakeries. East Village classic De Robertis just gave word that they will shut down after 110 years in business. Today, the Settepani family of Pasticceria Bruno Bakery, who have served cannoli and cakes on LaGuardia Place since 1973, tell Jeremiah Moss that they will close on Sunday. A note on the door reads:

"We would like to thank our landlord for the opportunity to make this work, but since Sept 11, 2001 it has been a continuing struggle to stay in business. Times have changed in our industry and we can no longer financially stay. New York City and some of their agencies make it impossible to survive."

As an old customer read the sign, he cried: "I'm dying. I'm dying. You can't close, Not this place. Not this Place! You've been here for 40 Years!" reports Moss. The bakery won't entirely disappear. The family's two other locations, both in Staten Island, will continue to pipe cannoli and bake communion cakes.

Pasticceria Bruno Bakery

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