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The Con Ed Fairy Is Granting All of Our Ramen Wishes Today, Ramen Lab Can Finally Get Cooking

Sun Noodle's Ramen Lab finally has gas and hopes to open in a few weeks.

Daniel Krieger

The Con Ed fairy has finally been making its visits to this season's long-awaited ramen-yas. The fairy recently graced Mu Ramen in Long Island City, and just about an hour ago, turned on the gas at Sun Noodle's ramen classroom/restaurant Ramen Lab. A rep for the team estimates that it will take them another two or three weeks to get all of their permits in order and to work out the kinks, but expect a soft opening sometime around Christmas. The rep said his lips are sealed on menu specifics, but there will be a rotating special, plus miso, shoyo, and other types of ramen. Stay tuned for more details.

Hopefully, Con Ed will stay on the ball. Zundo-Ya, a popular ramen chain in Japan, is preparing for its New York debut  sometime next year, around the corner from Ippudo.

Ramen Lab

70 Kenmare St, New York, NY 10012 (646) 613-7522