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Momofuku's New Reservation Site Is Now Live, But You Still Can't Get a Seat at Ko

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After some delay, Momo's reservation system is back in action. But Ko 2.0 is still on lockdown.

A couple hours behind schedule, Momofuku's revamped reservation system is now live. Unfortunately, Ko reservations still aren't. But take some time to scroll through the reservation process for Noodle Bar's fried chicken dinners or Ssam Bar's large format feasts. The new system is pretty slick. Plus, for what it's worth, is also now connected to Facebook and Google Plus.

As for Ko, just keep an eye on that page. Eater was told earlier this week that it will open as soon as David Chang decides it's ready. A tipster writing in today says he was told the menu is still being ironed out, so it definitely won't open tonight, and probably not until Thursday or Friday.

Momofuku Ko Bar

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