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Omakase-Only Sushi Bar Shuko Is Dark and Intimate, Complete with a Dining Cave

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Take a look around Shuko, the newly minted Union Square sushi bar from the original chefs of Neta.

Enter Shuko, the dark and brooding sushi bar in Union Square. The follow up project from ex-Neta chefs Nick Kim and Jimmy Lao opened early this month, serving a $135 omakase menu and longer $175 kaiseki meal, with composed dishes in addition to sushi. From either meal, expect a simple, classic preparations, and the occasional truffle encrusted sushi roll or caviar-topped lump of toro. The room has plenty of exposed brick and various woods, all under subdued lighting. It's dominated largely by the 20-seat sushi bar, but there are also a few tables and a cellar-like dining alcove that seats eight — a good bet for larger parties.


47 East 12th Street, Manhattan, NY 10003 (212) 228-6088 Visit Website