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For a Full Rundown of Ko's New Menu, Head to Mario Batali's Instagram Feed

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Count on Mario Batali to take a photo of every single thing he ate at Momofuku Ko 2.0.

Instagram/David Chang

For anyone curious about what exactly will be on Ko's new, expanded tasting menu, the always enthusiastic Mario Batali Instagrammed just about every dish from his meal there last night, from start to finish. Here's his prime view from the end of the counter:

Be warned that Batali doesn't provide much in the way of commentary, so anyone who wants more juicy specifics beyond the fact that this is trout and this is sushi will have to search elsewhere. Luckily for the detail-oriented, blogger and longtime Momo fan the Food Doc also gives a rundown of his Ko meal with complete descriptions — plus shots of the amuse bouches, which are the one thing Batali left out.

Meanwhile, the Momofuku reservations page still hasn't gone live as of this writing, even though it was supposed to at 10 a.m. today. Will the first Ko reservations also go live then? Just keep hitting refresh.

Momofuku Ko Bar

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