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Food & Wine's Chefs Club in the Puck Building Is Big, Spacious, and a Little Strange

There's a giant hunk of salt, and a wall of chef portraits staring down at diners.

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Diners are finally getting a chance to eat a meal in the presence of a giant lump of pink salt, as drawings of famous chefs like Grant Achatz, Wylie Dufresne, and April Bloomfield stare down at them. Food & Wine's Chefs Club, which opened late last week, has some of the oddest features of any dining room to open in New York City this year, but overall it's spacious, with a large, open, white marble kitchen where diners can watch their dinner be prepared. There are large navy banquettes, seating at the kitchen's bar, and several other tables.

Instead of a long-running rotating pop-up, with a new chef cycling in every quarter, the restaurant's team has decided to put out a menu with a handful of dishes from this year's four featured chefs: Lachlan Mackinnon-Patterson of Frasca Food and Wine in Colorado, Portland's Le Pigeon chef Gabriel Rucker, Linton Hopkins of Atlanta's Holeman & Finch, and Erik Anderson, who previously worked at Nashville's Catbird Seat. The chefs will make guest appearances, but it looks like they will be brief. After only five nights in the kitchen, Anderson and Rucker, who helped with the opening, will leave town. It's still unclear when they will return, and when Mackinnon-Patterson and Hopkins will arrive.

Autumn Menu

Chefs Club by Food & Wine

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