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East Village Burrito Legend Benny's Burritos Will Get a Lot Smaller After This Weekend

It looks like the burrito guys are moving into a smaller takeout space.


It looks like longtime East Village staple and home of enormous burritos, Benny's Burritos is shuttering its restaurant space after Saturday and moving into a smaller to-go space. The new space, EV Grieve hears, is being carved out of Benny's and D-Lish Pita next door. No word yet on whether the menu will shrink or change, but here's hoping this doesn't signal the coming end of burritos the size of your arm. Update: Benny's manager Al Landess tells Eater that the new space does not include D-Lish Pita, which will not be affected by the renovations. According to Grub Street, the restaurant is simply downsizing to just its takeout counter. Its sibling restaurant, Harry's Burritos on the Upper West Side will also close.

Benny's Burritos

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