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Veteran of Slice Joint Classic Joe's Pizza Now Helms the Oven at the Unrelated Little Joe's Pizza

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A former employee of the West Village institution is slinging pies at a new rival pizza shop, which claims to be totally different than the original, despite the name.

Sergio Ramirez
Sergio Ramirez
Little Joe's Pizza

A new pizzeria called Little Joe's has opened on 1st Avenue in the East Village, in the space that last housed organic, GMO free pizzeria zPizza. While EV Grieve reported that the proprietors were former employees of the iconic Joe's Pizza on Carmine Street, the official word from owner Natalia Ramirez is somewhat different. Mrs. Ramirez claims to be the sole owner and that her husband, Sergio Ramirez, who slung pies at Joe's for 13 years, is now working the ovens at Little Joe's, but is not an owner.

Mrs. Ramirez was quick to distance herself from any connection to the West Village institution. While the menu at Little Joe's is admittedly more expansive than that of Joe's, with heroes, pasta, and even burgers on it, the choice of the name does muddy the waters. But in any case, the only truly crucial question here is: how do those slices stand up to Joe's? Little Joe's Pizza, 26 1st Avenue, East Village

Joe's Pizza

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