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Momofuku Ko 2.0 Will Soon Unveil Longer Menu, Reverse Wine Pairing Dinner, and So Much More

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Vital updates on the bigger, better Ko, which is opening any day now on Extra Place.

Instagram/David Chang

Momofuku Ko is probably almost definitely reopening in its big new digs on Extra Place within a day or two, after a flurry of friends and family meals over the past few days. There will be another round of friends and family tonight, and then, according to Eater operatives on the scene, it's just a matter of David Chang giving the go-ahead to open. For what it's worth, the entire Momo reservation system is down for "maintenance" until tomorrow at 10 a.m., so perhaps Ko reservations will go live when it does.

The early word from diners has it that the menu at Ko 2.0 is much expanded from the original. It now runs close to 20 courses, and will cost $175, up from the old price of $125. Most of those courses seem to be new, though it just wouldn't be Ko without the soft-cooked egg with caviar or the lychee with shaved foie gras. At least one dish involves some Searzall action.

Plus, here's some vital intel on Ko's first-ever tables: Eater intelligence learns that those are wine tables, where diners will be able to get reverse wine pairings. Which is to say, anyone who wants to reserve a spot there will have to pick out their wines a few weeks in advance, so that the chefs can design a meal around it. Besides those, this big new Ko also has room for a private dining room, and glass-fronted dry-aging cases:

Momofuku Ko Meat

Stay tuned for more up-to-the-minute updates as they become available.

Momofuku Ko Bar

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