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Food & Wine's Chefs Club Will Be Less Pop-Up, More Traditional Restaurant Than Expected

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Dinner starts tonight and two of the star chefs will be in the house, for the next few days.

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Food & Wine's Chefs Club quirky dining room is finally opening tonight in the Puck Building. What was originally pitched as a sort of long-standing pop-up space with a cast of chefs that would rotate quarterly, has morphed into a more traditional restaurant. Four chefs — Lachlan Mackinnon-Patterson of Colorado's Frasca Food and Wine, Gabriel Rucker of Portland's Le Pigeon, Linton Hopkins of Atlanta's Holeman & Finch, and Erik Anderson, who formerly helmed Catbird Seat in Nashville — each contributed a few dishes to a sort of mish-mashed menu that was then filled out with a few items like halibut in a mushroom broth, and pastrami flatbread with truffle oil. Anderson and Rucker will kick things off, cooking at the restaurant tonight through next Tuesday, but then disappear, at least for a while. Didier Elena (formerly of Adour), who created much of the menu, will then take over. No word yet on when Rucker and Anderson will return and when Mackinnon-Patterson and Hopkins will be in "in residence."

Autumn Menu

Chefs Club by Food & Wine

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