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SantaCon Organizers Give Up on Bushwick After Almost Everyone Bans Drunk Santas

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The leaders of the annual holiday scourge say that Bushwick wasn't "big enough." But we all know what that really means.


Well, that didn't last long. After meeting resistance from City Council membersbartenders, and the Parks Department, the organizers of the red polyester-clad scourge known as SantaCon have decided not to bring their drunken antics to Bushwick after all. In a statement released yesterday, they say that they realized the neighborhood wasn't "big enough" to host the thousands of drunk Santas that SantaCon usually attracts. But really, is any neighborhood big enough when you're banned from everything?

What neighborhood will the drunk Santas choose to plague next? That's anyone's guess. Perhaps they'll just go back to the Lower East Side like they did last year, or perhaps they'll land on some new, unsuspecting neighborhood. Bartenders, keep an eye out, and if you receive any emails from Santa, do send them along to