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There Are Six Open Chairs Tonight at One of WD~50's Last Dinners Ever

A final meal at wd~50 will set diners back $300+.

Daniel Krieger

For those who can cough up the cash on a moment's notice, tickets for a two-top and a four-top at the first of wd~50's sold out final dinners just freed up. The 11 course meal will document the restaurant's 11 year history and cost $225 per person, though expect to tack on $75 for wine and some funds for a tip as well. The restaurant's already raked in $100,000 in ticket sales, but the premium might be worth it given that this is the last chance to dine at Wylie Dufresne's modernist trailblazer. After all, chef Daniel Patterson was willing to fly across the country to get that chance. In any case, know that even though the team is getting ready to pack up its pots and pans, things aren't slipping, at least in the cleanliness department.


50 Clinton Street, New York, NY 10002