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Drunk Santas May Have Nowhere to Go Once They Get to Bushwick for SantaCon 2014

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Roberta's, King's County Bar, and others are banning Santas from their bars, and the city has just denied their request to launch the crawl in Maria Hernandez Park.


The sloppy Santas who show up in Bushwick in droves on December 13 for SantaCon, may not have anywhere to go once they get there. A slew of neighborhood bars including Pearl's Social & Billy Club and Roberta's are banning the Santas, who are slated to invade the neighborhood at 10 a.m., when most locals are trying to get a cup of coffee into their system. "Nobody wants to eat brunch next to a bunch of drunk Santas," commented Jesse Levitt of King's County Bar on an episode of Roberta's Radio. He also notes:

Bring in thousands and thousands of people who have zero connection to the neighborhood for an event organized by people with no connection to the neighborhood, to trash the place, to be that annoying guest at the party and then anonymously slip away so we can clean up the mess.

Plus, no one wants to expose little kids to a hoard of puking Santas, says Betsy Maher from Pearl's. The idea of luring all of the Santas into one place and locking them appealed to the group, but they admit that that could backfire. City Council Member Rafael Espinal has already spoken out against SantaCon and the city just flat out denied the organizers' request to kick things off at Maria Hernandez Park, before they even submitted the application. Meanwhile, both the police and the community board say that they have not been contacted by the SantaCon folks, despite their claims to the contrary.

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