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Food & Wine's Chefs Club Opens Friday With a Mish-Mash of Dishes From Across the Country

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The giant space in the Puck Building offers a big open kitchen for dinner theater.

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After several weeks of hosting events, Food & Wine's Chefs Club will finally open its doors to the public this Friday. The large space in the Puck Building sports a bar, a private dining room, a large open kitchen where guests can watch as their dinner is prepared, and of course, that giant hunk of salt dangling from the ceiling.

Four guest chefs from around the country are slated to come through the kitchen this year, but instead of each crafting a separate menus, it looks like the chefs have all contributed a few of dishes to the Autumn opening menu, which gives the menu a bit of a muddled focus. Lachlan Mackinnon-Patterson of Colorado's Frasca Food and Wine is offering buckwheat pasta with chicken, rosemary, and onion confit, while Nashville chef Erik Anderson has contributed a dish of bread-crusted Spanish mackerel with snails, bacon, and salsify. The menu's fleshed out with dishes like a pastrami flatbread by Didier Elena (formerly of Adour), who is overseeing the kitchen. Plus there will always be a "salad of the month" ripped straight from the pages of the magazine.

Reservations are already open online, and the restaurant is even planning a Thanksgiving meal: a very traditional feast pulled entirely from the Thanksgiving edition of Food & Wine. It's $75 per person (with each course available individually as well) and probably a good bet for those who have always dreamed of a magazine-quality feast.

Autumn Menu

Chefs Club by Food & Wine

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