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Rubirosa Family Members Are Duking It Out in Court Over $4.3 Million of Pizza Profits

Angelo Bianchi is suing his uncle and cousin for a stake in the restaurant.

Daniel Krieger

There's some good ol' fashioned family drama going down at Mulberry Street favorite Rubirosa. Angelo Bianchi, the nephew and cousin of owners Giuseppe and Angelo Pappalardo, is suing his family for $4.3 million, reports the Post. Bianchi says he helped build Rubirosa's line-loving following and the restaurant's atmosphere in exchange for a 10 percent stake in $25 million business. The agreement was never written out, says the suit and given their familial ties, "Angelo felt AJ and Giuseppe would be insulted if he asked them to sign an agreement." The Pappalardos allegedly cut that share in half. Now, Bianchi is seeking his share of the restaurant's income, plus the $2.5 million he claims his share is worth, and $1 million in putative damages, which comes to a cool $4.3 million.


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