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Dojo Izakaya Will Unleash Loads of House-Made Soba Noodles on Avenue B Starting Tonight

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Sushi whiz David Bouhadana officially opens his newest restaurant on Tuesday, but eager diners can check out the soft opening starting tonight.

Dojo Izakaya, David Bouhadana's casual offshoot of his hit restaurant Sushi Dojo, is soft opening tonight in Alphabet City, and is officially opening on Tuesday. This is Dojo's second opening lately. The team launched a small sushi stall in the new Gansevoort market just a month ago, which Robert Sietsema found slightly disappointing, primarily because of the not super fresh fish. At the tiny izakaya, the menu is much less fish-focused and offers several homemade hot and cold soba noodle options, plus traditional beef skewers. There are also some more unexpected items like a mojifugi pork cutlet served in a sandwich on homemade white bread with mozzarella cheese, "risotto" made from whole buckwheat, and soba tea creme brulee. Check out the full menu below. Does Bouhadana have the same way with noodles that he does with raw fish? Find out starting tonight. 38 Avenue B, Alphabet City

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