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Jeremiah Moss Publishes List of Classic New York Restaurants in Danger of Closing

What would be on your list of cherished but endangered restaurants?

Café Edison
Café Edison

After sharing a few at-risk restaurants in an interview in the New York Post, Jeremiah Moss took it upon himself to publish a complete list of restaurants to worry about. His blog, Jeremiah's Vanishing New York, is itself an homage to a New York that is quickly gentrifying beyond the point of recognition. The lengthy list includes everything from old school dive bars, to Spanish pubs like El Quijote, to purveyors of Jewish specialties like Yonah Schimmel and Kossar's Bialys. Also on Moss's list is Café Edison, a Times Square institution in danger of closing, which was recently profiled by Eater's Robert Sietsema.