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Mu Ramen Will Start Cooking as Soon as Con Ed Gets Its Act Together and Turns on the Gas

The team is still waiting on a gas hook up.

Courtesy of Mu Ramen

The team at Mu Ramen really wants Con Ed to finally show up and turn on the gas so that they can get cooking. Co-owner Joshua Smookler had an appointment yesterday, but when Eater checked in late in the day, Con Ed was already several hours late and nowhere in sight. So with his pots at the ready, the chef turned to Instagram:

The caption: "Is it time to cook yet? Come on Con Ed!!! I don't know about you but this is just as sexy as that Kardashian's a$$ #breaktheinternet #prep #cooking #food #restaurant #cheflife"

The chef's wrath also reached Twitter:

Mu Ramen

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