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Shuko's Menu Includes Truffle Encrusted Sushi Rolls, Large Dollops of Caviar, and Apple Pie

The $135 and $175 menus offer some super luxe ingredients, and at least one curveball.


A meal at Shuko, the 20 seat omakase restaurant from ex-Neta chefs Nick Kim and Jimmy Lau, will set back guests either $135 or $175, depending upon which omakase option they select. There's no menu, so it's been hard to know what that large sum purchases, but Dan Kluger, former ABC Kitchen chef and current free agent, gave a pretty thorough rundown of a recent meal on Instagram this morning. There's a bowl of toro topped with plump uni, which is then topped with caviar, there's also baby uni with shrimp and more caviar, and finally a black truffle wrapped piece of sushi roll. Plus, here's a sweet action shot:

But then, when all that toro and caviar is done, they apparently serve a good old fashioned apple pie.


47 East 12th Street, Manhattan, NY 10003 (212) 228-6088 Visit Website