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Seamus Mullen's El Colmado Butchery Will Open Soon With Pressed Juices and Rotisserie Chicken

The restaurant will double as a provisions shop during the day.

Seamus Mullen's latest El Colmado in the Meatpacking District won't open until after Thanksgiving and still doesn't have a gas hookup, but the team managed to pull off a preview lunch today (with the help of Bon Appetit and RL Paint) with pressed sandwiches and towers of cured meats. The cozy space will double as a sort of provisions shop and a restaurant that is open all day. At lunch it will operate mostly as a grab and go spot where diners can order takeout or order at the counter and have food brought to them at a long shared table. Around dinner time, service will slip into something a little more formal, so guests can order from bar seats or that big table. The menu will be somewhat different from the Gotham West location, focusing a bit more on meat instead of seafood.

In addition to the much discussed butchery in the shop (which is opening across the street from one of the last meatpacking plants in the neighborhood), there will also be whole rotisserie chickens to go, prepared vegetables like smoked and marinated beets, roasted marble potatoes in aioli, and brussels sprouts. Mullen requested a special house coffee blend of Brooklyn Roasting Company, from an old employee of his who works there now, and sometime down the road, there will even be breakfast to have with that coffee. In the meantime, there will be a series of pressed savory juices like a golden beet drink mixed with papaya, pineapple, lemon, and honey. Take a look around.

el colmado

El Colmado

El Colmado

El Colmado

El Colmado Butcher, 53 Little West 12th Street, Meatpacking District