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Is David Chang Planning a Cafeteria Style Restaurant in NYC?

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The chef professes his love for meat + 3 cafeteria style restaurants on Instagram.

Bill Addison

David Chang declares Arnold's Country Kitchen in Nashville, TN to be "sort of my dream restaurant," on his Instagram feed, crediting fellow chef Sean Brock for letting him know about the place. Arnold's is a Southern soul food cafeteria where the standard order is meat with three sides, often referred to as "meat +3." Eater critic Bill Addison is also a fan. Chang writes that his meal there "emboldened me to try and open up a hot shoppe / buffet / meat +3 / cafeteria kind of place here in NYC."

Can a Momofuku cafeteria be on the horizon? If it's not complete fantasy, it's likely still a far off plan. After all, Chang is plenty busy right now getting ready to unveil the new Ko 2.0. But still, one can hope, and Eater has reached out for comment.