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Chelsea Coffee Shop Now Serves Cappuccinos in Bell Peppers, Thanks to Italian Coffee Expert

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Master barista Ettore Diana did a guest stint at last week, and put a cappuccino inside a hollowed out bell pepper on the menu.


Forget PSLs and chestnut praline lattes. Forget $10 lattes made with imported raw licorice powder. A new-ish Chelsea coffee shop called has just blown all those out of the water with a cappuccino served in a hollowed-out yellow bell pepper.

The drink is the creation of Ettore Diana, an Italian master barista, who did a guest stint at the cafe last week and added a handful of insane creations to the menu. Besides the bell pepper drink, however, most of the other just involve a lot of whipped cream and garnishes carved out of watermelon rind — for example, the mocha drink called A Woman in Love in New York, which comes ringed with rose petals and topped with a watermelon rind heart.

Diana has flown back to Italy now, but his creations live on. An employee confirms that the bell pepper cappuccino is still on the menu, though she notes that it probably can't be delivered. Here it is in action:

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545 6th Ave, New York, NY

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