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The Fried Chicken at Root & Bone Is Brined in Sweet Tea, Dusted with Lemon Powder

Welcome to The Hot Dish, a behind the scenes look at the making of the dishes of the moment. Up this week: The 'best new; fried chicken in NYC from the team of Janine Booth and Jeff McInnis at Root & Bone.

When Eater critic Ryan Sutton awarded Root & Bone two stars it was largely on the back of one dish, which he declared "Manhattan's best new fried chicken." It is not just Sutton who is enthralled, the dish is "far and away" the biggest seller, according to chef and owner Jeff McInnis, who is half of the dynamic team behind Root & Bone. His partner and fellow chef Janine Booth showed Eater how the dish is made.

It starts with hormone and antibiotic free chickens from Amish farmers in Pennsylvania. The birds are brined for 24 hours in a sweet tea spiked with paprika and cayenne. The next day the chicken is dredged in a seasoned flour and fried to a perfect crisp in a pressure cooker with canola oil. To garnish the bird, the chefs decided to brighten the proceedings with a herb blend and a dusting of lemon powder.

Watch as Booth goes through the process step by step in the slideshow.

Eater Video: Root & Bone's Fried Chicken - The Best Ever

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