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Monte Carlo Will Bring French Dining With an Italian Accent to the Old Cucina Ciano Space

The restaurant should open by Christmas.

Nick Solares

Ex-Waldorf F&B director Alexandra Pollet is changing Stratis Morfogen's old Cucina Ciano into Monte-Carlo NYC, a while linen French restaurant with an Italian accent. Pollet, who is also a partner at Upper East Side boite Paris Match, says "We will have traditional items like Dover sole, chicken Milanese, and pasta." Among the more unusual offerings are crispy sweetbreads with shallot confit, wild mushroom risotto with squab, and half a chicken with leek risotto and blue cheese. The staff will be dressed Riviera style in blue striped shirts, dark jeans and Converse sneakers. Pollet plans to be open by Christmas. 181 East 78th Street, Upper East Side