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Boomwich Finally Explodes, Releasing Giant Sandwiches on to Atlantic Avenue

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Peter Entner's off-the-wall sandwich shop opened yesterday, but where is the cold fried chicken?


Peter Entner's new sandwich shop Boomwich opened yesterday for lunch on Atlantic Avenue, but those hoping for some play on the cold fried chicken pizza he is known for, may be disappointed. Never-the-less, there are plenty of off the wall options. Sandwiches are priced at $9 and the menu includes riffs on a Cuban using a Dr Pepper rubbed pork butt, a cheese steak with Cheeto's in it, and a rueben, using house "roasted" pastrami. There are also vegetarian options such as falafel with lemon gelee. Pete Zaaz, the shuttered Prospect Heights pizzeria Entner has had an on-again-off-again relationship is also slatted to reopen. Boomwich will eventually serve breakfast and possibly pan pizzas as well, according to Brooklyn Magazine.


, Brooklyn, NY

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