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Julian Niccolini Plans $1959 a Head Rager for the Day the Four Seasons' Lease Expires

Julian Niccolini is already planning a blowout bash for what may or may not be the Four Season last day in business, in 2016.

Daniel Krieger

Word trickled out last week that Four Seasons owner Julian Niccolini might already be planning some kind of all-out celebration for July 30, 2016, the last night before his current lease with landlord Aby Rosen comes to an end. Now he confirms: Yes, there's going to be a big blowout that night. But no, he still doesn't know whether that night will be the restaurant's last. He tells Eater, "We are going to celebrate whether our lease is renewed or not.''

For the party, Niccolini plans to serve 1959 vintage wines, in honor of the year the restaurant, and has already begun to tap into the private wine collections of his well-heeled clientele to get his hands on those bottles. "It was a great vintage,'' he notes. "We are gathering chateau wines from France and have contacted people in Italy.

The ticket price is also inspired by the restaurant's opening year: it's a steep $1959 per person, which will go to a charity. But Niccolini says that isn't deterring his flock: "Some people are already asking if they can book a table for ten.'' The evening's menu will feature retro dishes like lobster thermidor, coulibiac, and beef Wellington. "We are planning the cocktail reception outside, and then we will go into the pool room for dinner,'' he reveals. As for that "rock 'n roll royalty" he's supposedly booked? "We are hoping that Clive Davis will help us with the entertainment.''

While the legendary restaurant's fate is uncertain, Rosen has quietly opened an intimate private club on the 11th floor of the Seagrams Building. It has an outdoor terrace and murals featuring scenes from the Four Seasons, which will be providing food.