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Hot Bread Kitchen is Kickstarting a Bread Baking Scholarship Program for Low-Income Women

The non-profit bakery needs $54,000 to fund its paid training program.

The Hot Bread Kitchen retail outpost at La Marqueta in Harlem
The Hot Bread Kitchen retail outpost at La Marqueta in Harlem

Hot Bread Kitchen, the forward thinking non-profit bakery and business incubator geared towards providing jobs and training to immigrant women, has recently launched a new Kickstarter to get its scholarship program off the ground. The fundraising goal for the Women Bake Bread Scholarship is set at $54,000, and if achieved, would allow the organization to offer year-long, paid training positions in its kitchen to low-income immigrant women, who don't have the option of going to culinary school. And it's a good alternative: women who have worked in the Hot Bread kitchens have gone on to work at places like Runner & Stone, Maison Kayser, Bien Cuit, and even Daniel.

Check out the video below for a peek at the bread-making operations. The Kickstarter is already more than halfway funded, but it ends on November 1, so there are only a few weeks left to get the rest of the way.

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