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John McDonald Installs the Salvaged Remains of MercBar into Bowery Meat Co.

When John McDonald and chef Josh Capon throw open the doors to Bowery Meat Company in the East Village later this fall, there will be little piece of MercBar history in the decor.

MercBar beams live on at Bowery Meat Co.
MercBar beams live on at Bowery Meat Co.
Nick Solares

Josh Capon and John McDonald's new restaurant, Bowery Meat Co. is shaping up to be a thoroughly modern steakhouse, in a thoroughly modern building, save for the beams that line the ceiling of the main dining room. Denizens of the Soho bar scene may recognize them from the now shuttered MercBar, which of course was an early McDonald venture. When MercBar abruptly closed last year, McDonald retained ownership of everything within the space. This included the beams (which apparently were not crucial to building integrity). "I stored them in the hopes of re-using them one day" said McDonald. That day has come.

Bowery Meat Co.: 9 East 1st Street, East Village