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Hit Nolita Noodle Shop Cocoron to Get Into the Curry Game Next Door

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The soba experts behind Cocoron are expanding their horizons with a new Japanese curry restaurant.


Yoshihito Kira, the soba master behind Nolita noodle favorite Cocoron, is expanding into another sector of Japanese cuisine: curry. Bowery Boogie reports that the chef is taking over the space next door to his noodle shop on Kenmare Street, which until recently was a Japanese clothing boutique, and opening Goemon Curry.

He's gotten initial approval from the Community Board, so now is just waiting on final liquor license approval from the SLA. Not much detail on the menu yet, but if Kira's way with curry is anything like his way with soba, expect this to be a hit. Meanwhile, there are other pressing questions at hand. Will there be curry-themed companions to Cocoron's cast of manga characters? Will Goemon Curry also have a theme song?