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Two Boots May Open in the Terroir Park Slope Space, Bringing Cajun Pizza Back to the 'Hood

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Just what the stroller set was clamoring for.

Rumor has it that quirky Cajun-Italian pizzeria chain Two Boots will take up residency in the empty space where Terroir Park Slope very recently stoodThe deal was signed way back in June, but then things went quiet. Now, Here's Park Slope hears that the pie shop hopes to open next month. If it happens, the move could be a homecoming of sorts for the restaurant. After 24 years in the neighborhood, on 2nd Street near 7th Avenue, the original Park Slope Two Boots closed last November and announced that it would reopen as a Southern restaurant. That never happened, probably because the rent for that space skyrocketed to $16,000 a month.

It's still unclear whether this rumored Two Boots would be owned by Andy and Piper Wandzilak, who owned the Park Slope location, or by Phil Hartman, the man behind the mini-chain of other Two Boots, which is actually a spin-off of the original. Either way, some Slopers will surely rejoice over the return, but the area is already pretty saturated with pies. Brooklyn Central is just a few store fronts down and La Villa is less than a block to the North. How many pizzerias does the stroller set need?

284 5th Avenue, Park Slope

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