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Bay Ridge NYPD Watering Hole the Killarney Pub Is Closing After 90 Years

Tomorrow night there will be one final last call.


Killarney Pub, a divey fixture of Bay Ridge for 90 years is about to do it's last last call, reports the Brooklyn Paper. The landmark bar with its distinctive red facade was once a popular spot for local NYPD and those grabbing a beer after a show at the nearby Alpine Cinema. According to owner Paddy Finn, "The bar has been in the tank for five years." There just aren't that many Irish patrons in the neighborhood anymore. Nowadays, those living in the neighborhood and frequenting its businesses are more likely to be from Syria, Yemen, or Egypt, and storefronts in the vicinity sell Middle Eastern groceries and baked goods, modest clothes for women, and hookahs. (The Islamic prohibition against drinking has put a strain on his business, says Finn.)

The building was recently purchased by Ibrahim Salem, who plans to put a medical facility in as the new tenant. Finn says he hopes to find a new location for his bar, preferably outside of Bay Ridge. As for the immediate future he quips: "I'm going to get drunk."