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Tyson Ho's Church of Pork Arrogant Swine Is Smoking Up the Bushwick Night

Bushwick has a new scent, delicious, delicious pork smoke.

Nick Solares

Tyson Ho's self-proclaimed "Church of Pork," is holding its first mass this evening in Bushwick. The main draw to this 3,000 square foot beer hall and porky palace are whole North Carolina style smoked hogs, which Ho learned to smoke under the tutelage of pitmaster Ed Mitchell. Here, the piglets are served by the half pound or the plate with cornpone and a choice of slaw. There are also ribs and turkey legs, and Ho promises that there will even be vegan options down the road, but don't ever expect a brisket in this church.

At tonight's service, neighborhood graffiti artists will stop by to deck the walls with some art and those wishing to pledge their true and undying love to the religion of pork can be baptized with a free piglet tattoo courtesy of neighborhood tat shop Gnostic.

Check out the menu:

BBQ** Comes with choice of slaw and cornpone

Whole Hog BBQ: Plate $15, Half lb. $12

Outside Brown Shoulder w/ Piedmont Dip: Plate $13, Half lb. $11

Smoked meats:

Pork Belly, Thai sunshine sauce $14 per lb.

Spare ribs, South Carolina honey glaze $12 per lb.

Giant Turkey Leg $10 per lb.

Sides, $4 each

Apple Mustard Slaw

Sweet Potato Waffle with walnut, bourbon and maple

Kenny G's Mac & Cheese

Arrogant Swine

173 Morgan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11101 (347) 328-5595 Visit Website