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Original Shake Shack to Close for Revamp on October 13, After Blowout with Massimo Bottura

Before the Madison Square Park Shake Shack goes on a five month hiatus, it'll serve burgers from a world-renowned Italian chef.

Nick Solares

October 13 is now officially the last day to visit the original Madison Square Park Shake Shack before it closes for five months of renovations. And lest anyone expect less from Danny Meyer and crew, it's not shutting off the griddles quietly. Instead, big league Italian chef Massimo Bottura will be there serving a limited edition burger called "The Emilia." That burger comes topped with cotechino sausage, salsa verde and Villa Manodori balsamic mayo, plus has parmigiano reggiano blended into the patty itself.

This is ostensibly also a Columbus Day special (that's how the press release advertises it), but let's be real. It's mostly going to be a grand sendoff before the 10-year-old burger stand embarks on its renovation odyssey. Take note that only 1,000 Emilia burgers will be available, and if the Shack's epic, week-long 10th birthday celebration is any indication, a lot more people than that will be willing to wait hours for one of these things.