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Subway Inn to Move, Neon Sign, Bar Stools, and All, By the End of the Year

The embattled iconic dive bar finds a new place to call home, save from developers.


After a fierce battle over the summer to keep its home on East 60th Street, the Subway Inn has found a new home to settle down for good. The bar with the iconic neon sign did avoid immediate eviction back in August, but its right to stay put is only good until the lease runs out in February. Then the building owner can and will take over the building, and demolish it to make way for condos.

But the dive bar has just pulled through yet again. As Jeremiah's Vanishing New York notes, today the Salinas family announced on Facebook that they will move their beloved dive just a couple blocks away to 60th Street and 2nd Avenue. When they do so, they promise that the new space will look "exactly the same." They have apparently hired a "replication architect," and plan to make certain that "every piece of furniture, including our famous neon signs, the current bar, every bar stool, even the original bar booths (that Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio sat in)" will make it through the move. The whole thing is set to start on December 2, and take about 10 weeks. So everyone to be settled in and back to normal some time in February.