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Katz's and the Shuttered Yaffa Cafe Are No Longer Shilling for Google

The original neon has returned to East Houston and Yaffa's famed mural is back, though it's uncertain for how long.

Back to the old ways.
Back to the old ways.
Robert Sietsema

Business is back to usual in Katz's East Houston windows, meaning the deli's focused on selling franks and not shilling for Google. A neon sign hung in the window last month saying: "Ok Google, what is Katz's Deli Slogan? Ask the Google App," came down last week, confirms deli young gun Jake Dell. Other Google ads like the one outside of the now sadly shuttered Yaffa Cafe have also come down.

The campaign was never scheduled to be "a longterm thing," says Dell. The "Katz's Frankfruters" ad, which has hung in that window for who knows how long, has been returned to its rightful place. And the mural outside of Yaffa is visible, but no one knows for how long.