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Restaurant-Savvy Obama Chooses White Street For His $1,000 a Head Fundraiser Tonight

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Do expect: Tribeca to be a madhouse. Do not expect: Butter on the menu.

Daniel Krieger

As Tribeca residents are already well aware, given the police barriers lining the streets (which Tribeca Citizen notes have been up since yesterday), President Obama is back in town for dinner tonight. He'll be dining at Floyd Cardoz's new restaurant, White Street, but this is no casual date night with Mrs. Obama. Far from it, this is a fundraiser, where tickets range from a basic $1,000 per person for just the reception, to $25,000 per couple for tickets to the reception and a more private reception, plus a photo with the POTUS.

The invitation for the reception oddly bills it as a "barbecue," but Cardoz tells Grub Street he'll serve a menu of passed dishes that range from short rib with grits to pumpkin soup. And do not even think of suggesting that there's any butter in all that:

In any case, this does go to show once again that our President is totally on trend with his restaurant choices.

The meal itself is only supposed to last an hour, but that's plenty of time for White Street to become a motorcade madhouse of the sort that descended on Houston Street two weeks ago. The wise may choose to avoid it, but if you happen to witness the festivities tonight, do send reports and photos to the tipline. Bonus points for the POTUS and FLOTUS themselves.