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Sun Noodle's Ramen Lab is One Step Closer to Cooking on Kenmare

Ramen Lab passes its fire inspection, and will start testing out its ramen bowls any day now.

Where the magic will happen.
Where the magic will happen.
Daniel Krieger

The ramen experts at Sun Noodle seem to be right on schedule for an opening of Ramen Lab, the noodle manufacturer's education center/ramen paradise later this month. The team tweeted last night:

Now, that that’s done, they tell Eater, "It'll be a week or two for Con Ed to turn on the gas." After that, "We will go ahead and start testing things," by which they probably mean the four varieties of ramen that will be on offer Tuesdays through Saturdays — and those reservation only ramen flights on Friday nights. So expect the tiny ramen counter to start hosting friends and family in a few weeks, and open to the public a week or so after that.