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New Delivery Service Lets the Indecisive Order Lunch from More than One Restaurant

A new delivery start-up offers a single menu, pieced together from multiple restaurants.

Served By Stadium Bags
Served By Stadium Bags

A new online delivery service called Served By Stadium has just entered the high end food delivery game. It's kind of like Caviar, in the sense that it offers to deliver food from a limited number of curated restaurants, to anywhere between Canal Street and 59th Street. But unlike Caviar, it whittles down your options to a handful of dishes from each restaurant, compiled into a single mix and match menu. So, one might order a cheeseburger from Burger Joint with a side of dan dan noodles from Han Dynasty, and a lemon meringue tart from Bosie Tea Parlor for dessert. Convenient for those looking for variety, but those looking to order something very specific from their favorite restaurant are better off sticking to Caviar.

Served By Stadium just launched a couple weeks ago, and is currently offering a free lifetime membership to registrants, but it will eventually move to a $19 per month subscription fee. Beyond that customers only pay for the food, but there's is no delivery fee or tip. One major caveat: orders must be placed before 11 a.m for lunch or 5 p.m. for dinner.

This is probably not going to change the state of office lunch as we know it. But it could be a good option for the indecisive, the novelty hunters, and for anyone with a little extra lunch money to burn.