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Don't Panic, But Gin Palace And Neighboring Avenue A Bars Are Sinking Into the Ground

The building that houses Cienfuegos, Amor y Amargo, and Gin Palace is sinking into the ground, but Ravi DeRossi assures us that only Gin Palace will have to close temporarily.

Gin Palace, the only bar that won't make it out intact
Gin Palace, the only bar that won't make it out intact
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Nightlife maven Ravi DeRossi writes in today with the unsettling news that the building that houses three of his popular East Village cocktail dens — Cienfuegos, Amor y Amargo, and Gin Palace is currently sinking into the ground. As dire as this sounds, however, he assures us there's no major cause for alarm. The Avenue A building will have to be jacked up and secured in place, but both Amor y Amargo and Cienfuegos will stay open the entire time.

Gin Palace is a little less fortunate. It will have to be "torn apart" during the building rescue, and so will close after service next Thursday, November 6. Once the building has been successfully pulled back up out of the earth (which should take about two months), DeRossi promises Gin Palace will return to serving its namesake spirit.

Gin Palace

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