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Behind the Brown Paper, Andrew Carmellini's Little Park Is All Contemporary Art and Cream Tones

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A glimpse inside the very mid-century modern restaurant Carmellini will be opening at the Smyth Hotel next week.

Michael Benjamin

Andrew Carmellini has been very tight lipped about his new project in the Smyth Hotel, Little Park. But here's what we know: the restaurant's opening November 6, will be open all day, and while Carms plans to celebrate vegetables he promises to practice 'kale restraint'. Now, T reveals the first photo inside the restaurant in an article about the redesign of the hotel. At least in the corner shown, there are arched semi oval banquets and lots of light wood colors, plus an art installation called Super Future Shoob by Simone Shubuck.

Christine Gachot of Gachot Studios, which oversaw the hotel redesign, says her work was inspired by for the neighborhood. "I think people will feel like it's recognizable as their own aesthetic in TriBeCa. Certainly a loft-living, layered, slightly bohemian midcentury look, which is very iconic." Little Park, 85 West Broadway, Tribeca

Smyth Hotel

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