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Marco Canora to Launch NYC's First and Only Takeout Window Devoted Exclusively to Broth

The single-item concept New Yorkers never knew they needed will open next to Hearth on Monday, selling broth in coffee cups.


We've come to terms with the fact that we live in the age of single-item restaurants, cheffy fast casual side projects, and local-pastured-organic everything. But Marco Canora, of the beloved East Village staple Hearth, has just managed to bundle all that up into a complete curveball.  He tells Grub Street that on Monday he'll launch a takeout sipping broth concept called Brodo (Italian for broth) from a previously unused entrance to his classic East Village restaurant on Monday. He'll sell broths made from the bones of local grass fed cows and organic chickens in paper coffee cups — because these concoctions are meant for sipping, not spooning. There will also be "optional infusions" with things like beet kvass and chile oil, plus some actual soups and Sicilian hot chocolate. For those who want to sip at home, there will be mason jars of broth to go.

According to Grub Street, Canora became obsessed with broth when he decided to change his life for the healthier. "Twenty years of eating bread, drinking booze, smoking cigarettes, and working in kitchens really fucked me up in a big way," he tells The Robs. Now as part of his daily health regimen, he drinks a dose of Hearth's broth, and is hoping to teach New Yorkers his ways. We'll see if they listen.


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