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Tribeca Newcomer Learns a Basement Speakeasy Isn't the Best Idea for a Residential Building

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Church Street Tavern and Bandit Roost have been slapped by the DOB with a partial vacate order.


The Tribeca restaurant Church Street Tavern and it's basement speakeasy Bandit's Roost are less than two months old and neighbors are already very unhappy with them. The owners originally used the largely residential building's lobby as it's exclusive entrance to the basement party. "All of a sudden we had a bouncer outside of our door and these people wandering through our lobby to get inside...It was ridiculous," a resident who has lived in the building for 34 years told DNAinfo. The team has reportedly moved the entrance inside the restaurant, but there are still complaints of vibrations from the music from residents.

The DOB has slammed the restaurant and bar with a partial vacate order, saying that it violated the legal limit of 74 patrons in both spaces and doesn't have a Place of Assembly Certificate that would allow it to host up to 120 people. The liquor license for both spaces is a holdover from when Morimoto operated Tribeca Canvas and the short-lived Bisutoro, and is set to expire on November 30. The team will appear before the local community board next month, but given the loud way it announced itself to the neighborhood, that may not go very well.

Church Street Tavern

313 Church St, New York, NY 10013 (212) 804-7766