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Two Boots on Bleecker Shutters, East Village Location Delivering Cajun Pizza on Its Behalf

A landlord dispute put an end to the Creole pizza.


The Bleecker Street location of Cajun pizzeria chain Two Boots has been dark for about a week, reports a tipster. A call to the delivery line gets rerouted to the East Village location, and a staffer there tells Eater that the closure of the Bleecker Street shop, a longtime resident of that block, is due to some sort of landlord dispute. But as some consolation to local BBQ shrimp pizza-lovers, the East Village location is valiantly taking over the delivery zone of its shuttered sibling. There's already a for rent sign up in the window on Bleecker Street, so it doesn't look like Two Boots will be settling that dispute and returning, at least not anytime soon. Meanwhile, Two Boots is fighting to hold its ground in Grand Central, but is returning to Park Slope in the old Terroir space.