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Japanese Mega-Lounge Megu Appears to Have Suddenly Gone Under

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Both outposts of the 10 year old Kobe slinging clubstaurant seem to have gone dark.

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By all indications, Megu, the behemoth of a Japanese restaurant/lounge, is no longer operational. A tipster who had a private event scheduled at the Tribeca outpost writes in that the restaurant cancelled it at the last minute this week, with a staff member explaining that Megu had "closed for good." Calls to both that location and to Megu Midtown in the Trump Tower go unanswered, and the restaurant no longer exists on OpenTable. Facebook fans are also reporting that it's permanently closed.

Ten years ago, Frank Bruni was enthralled enough by the Kobe- and toro-heavy menu to give Megu Tribeca two stars, but now it appears to have quietly gone dead. It's unclear why the restaurant might have closed, and it certainly wasn't undercharging for anything on the menu, but industry whispers suggest it may have fallen on hard times financially. Whatever the case, please send any intel on Megu's fate to Update: Tribeca Citizen also has the rather telling news that workers have been moving equipment out of the downtown space in recent days.

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