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Tickets to WD-50's Final Weeks Are Selling Out Fast, As Wylie Dufresne Rakes in the Cash

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Using Nick Kokonas's coveted ticketing system, Wylie Dufresne manage to make over $100,000 in under 10 minutes.

Daniel Krieger

Tickets to the final dinners at wd~50 before it's forced to close for good went on sale this morning at 11 a.m. sharp, and an hour later they're already close to sold out. As of 11:30, there was only one ticket left for a six-top at the $275-a-head "Last Call" meal on November 30, and a handful of tickets to the $225-a-head "Then and Now" meals during the preceding two weeks. There were also a bunch of eight-tops open for the $85 per person Thanksgiving meal.

Dufresne is using the ticketing system developed by restaurateur Nick Kokonas for his acclaimed Chicago restaurant Alinea, which he only recently began piloting with a handful of other restaurants around the country. So since he has access to the back end of the ticket buying, Kokonas has been tweeting live updates of exactly how many thousands of dollars Dufresne just manage to rake in:

As of this writing, there are still some tickets left, so those who want to experience the end of days at wd~50 might want to jump on that.


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