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Barclays Center Swaps Classic Spumoni Gardens for Young-Gun Favorite Williamsburg Pizza

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The menu at the Williamsburg Pizza kiosk counts four grandma style pies to down during a show or a game.


There's some pizza swapping going on at Barclays Center. Brooklyn classic L&B Spumoni Gardens closed up shop quietly some time recently, and now Williamsburg Pizza, the popular two-year-old slice joint has moved in. It opened its counter this Tuesday for the Demi Lovato show. The kiosk is selling four types of slices, all square grandma-style pies just like Spumoni. The crispy-edged pies are baked in cast iron pans, and the options range from a classic grandma (a margherita), to tartufo with mushrooms and truffle oil, pepperoni, or plain. Last year, there were some complaints that the crust and sauce-to-cheese-ratio was slightly off at Spumoni, but the outpost seemed to be doing well. Now it has disappeared into the night, but the replacement should fill the hole quite nicely. Barclays Center, 620 Atlantic Avenue