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As Of Now, All Shake Shacks Are 100 Percent Free of Fresh-Cut French Fries

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After deciding no one really liked them, Shake Shack has finally done away with every last fresh-cut fry. Now it's all crinkle cuts all the time.

Nick Solares

It's official: no Shake Shack customer will ever see a fresh-cut fry again. People-pleaser Danny Meyer and his team of fast food experts have been slowly reinstating crinkle cut fries at every Shake Shack outpost since August, after deciding that fresh-cut french fries (which were introduced with much fanfare only a year earlier) weren't actually what the people wanted after all. But because that transition required all fresh-cut serving Shacks to revamp their kitchens and retrain their staff, fans were given until November to get their fresh-cut fry fix. Now, right on time, Shake Shack CEO Randy Garutti announces the official end of the era.

Of course, this isn't a victory for everyone, and certain potato lovers out there are no doubt in mourning. But as Garutti says, the "fans have spoken." Plus look at how well those crinkles hold the cheese.