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Neighbors Who Hate the Tofu-Loving Owners of Champs Fight Expansion Plans

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East Williamsburg residents really seem to hate the vegan hotspot.

Those pesky pink bikes really bug neighbors.
Those pesky pink bikes really bug neighbors.

Neighbors of vegan bakery and diner Champs in East Williamsburg pretty much hate the place and aren't keen on its plans for expansions. They complain that the place makes a ruckus late at night by slamming down its gate, and its patrons crowd up the sidewalk with their bikes. Now, the owners hope to open a new location that serves alcohol at 197 Meserole Street, and turn the Ainslie Street original into a supermarket, but an SLA committee co-chair said he doesn't want other neighbors to inherit the problem. He promises to wait for another committee member to assess the situation before calling for a vote, but adds: "The neighborhood has been complaining about you forever."