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Behold the Delicious Recipe Testing Going Down at Cosme Right Now

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Mushroom barbacoa, sepia noodles, and more.

Cosme's bar area
Cosme's bar area
Daniel Krieger

Enrique Olvera has been logging quite a few hours in his magical Mexican potion kitchen at Cosme, which is slated to open later this month. Now, he's dropping a few hints at what's to come on his personal Instagram account like that mushroom barbacoa he promised, plus a sliced raw scallop prepared with jicama, cucumber, and wasabi, and a sepia Mexicana. We also hear that there will be a seasonal mole on the Mexican-inspired menu. And Olvera has graciously promised that no one will have to suffer the sorrow that comes from eating cold tortillas at the restaurant. Check out the pictures below and try not to drool.